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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Toy review: Big Waterplay Niagara ~ provides hours of fun for toddlers outside

I just had to write a review about this toy, simply because I think it's absolutely amazing....and my little girl most definitely agrees with this.

To describe it briefly it is a artificial canal system with a pump, dams and a water slide. Provided with it are boats and little people to go in them.

My sister gave it to Isla as a present late last year, but it had already gone quite chilly so we never actually got to unpack at the time. But then last weekend spring suddenly emerged in the UK and brought with it some gorgeous sunshine. My little darling wanted to play outside and discovered the box in the shed just as I was about to do some gardening. Needless to say gardening got postponed as I just 'had to' get this set up for her.

If you decide to buy it be warned that it is rather bulky, so you need a good amount of outside space to set it up. Ideally this area needs to be level in order to use the water play set properly. Setting it up took a little while to figure out - instructions were very limited on a tiny leaflet - and took a considerable amount of time ~ 1 hour. Once the toy is set up it is very sturdy and feels well made. It takes time to pull apart again so I would suggest to store it somewhere set up rather than taking it apart each time it is used. Fortunately we have a shed so it now lives in there and we just get it out as needed.

The toy is marked for age group 3+. My daughter is 2 years 10 months and I can say even though she is quite advanced she cannot yet make the most of all the features that toy has. Despite that she still had a lot of fun with the boats and spent a long time floating them around and doing pretend play. I do know though that she will still get a lot of use out of it in years to come.

It is definitely worth the amount spent on it considering the playtime that you get out of it. Big Waterplay Niagara is available through amazon and some other retailers for around £45 - £50.


  1. Aww, looks like she's loving this toy!
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